Smartphone to Car Connected Navigation!

Real 3D Map View

3D map display with real 3D landmarks, 3D icons, and brand icons.

Real Time Traffic Information

Route guidance and traffic maps using real-time traffic flow and
incident information.

Real Time Turn by Turn Voice Guidance

Turn by turn voice guidance from door to door using fluent TTS
(Text to Speech) voice libraries.

Enhanced Junction View

Realistic turn instructions with 3D illustrated junction view and signs.

ECO Routing

Drive eco-friendly by using the dynamic ECO efficiency gauge and
ECO profiles features.

Automatic Lane Guidance

Lane information display at intersections assists stress free driving.

Where Am I Feature

Your current position on map with exact address, coordinates, nearest
intersection and POI information to help you understand where you are.
You may also share your location with others via email or SMS.

Internet Search

Find places using Internet search.

Premium POI Listing

More than 2 Million POIs stored onboard to help you find where you want to go.