BringGo and MirrorLinkThe BringGo navigation app is compatible with MirrorLink® enabledinfotainment systems. MirrorLink is a technology for
car-smartphone connectivity and is designed for interoperability between a wide range of smartphones and cars.

What’s Required
• MirrorLink® compatible infotainment system installed in a vehicle(see below)
• MirrorLink® compatible smartphone (see below)
• BringGoapp installed on a smartphone
• USB cable for connection

Compatible vehicles and infotainment systems* The following section lists compatible vehicles and MirrorLink® infotainment systems.


  • Vehicles Model Year 2016:

    • Alhambra    • Ateca    • Ibiza    • Ibiza SC    • Ibiza ST    • Toledo    • Leon    
    • Leon SC    • Leon ST

    Infotainment systems:

    • Media System Plus (MirrorLink is optional on this system)
    • Navi System (MirrorLink is optional on this system)
    • Navi System Plus
    • Full Link


  • Vehicles Model Year 2016:

    • Fabia    • Rapid    • Yeti    • Octavia    • Superb    • Kodiaq (2017)

    Infotainment systems:

    • Swing (5“ screen)
    • Bolero (6.5“ screen)
    • Amundsen (navigation) (6.5“ screen)
    • Columbus (8“ screen)

    Please note, the application “ŠKODA SmartLink” is required in order for MirrorLink to work.


  • Vehicles Model:

    • Polo    • Passat    • Passat Variant    • Golf    • Golf Variant    • Golf Sportsvan
    • Golf Cabriolet    • e-Golf    • Beetle    • GBeetle Cabriolet    • Touran    
    • Sharan    • Tiguan    • Scirocco    • Golf GTE    

    Infotainment Systems:

    Compatible with all Volkswagen vehicles with following infotainment systems:

    • Composition Touch (RCD330G)
    • Composition Media
    • Discover Media
    • Discover Pro

    Please note, the application Car-Net “App Connect “ is required in order for MirrorLink to work.
*Disclaimer: Please note, while every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information,
we cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions.

Compatible Phones
At present, MirrorLink works with Android phones only. For a list of compatible Android phones, please visit

Abour MirrorLink
For more information on MirrorLink® please visit
MirrorLink® is a certified trademark of Car Connectivity Consortium.