Privacy Policy



EnGIS Technologies Inc. (“EnGIS”) is committed to respect your privacy and to comply with applicable data protection and privacy laws. This privacy policy (“Policy”) describes how we collect and use personal data where EnGIS is the data controller or where we refer to the applicability of this Policy. “Personal data” means information relating to you or another identifiable individual.


Software on your device may access your information. Our products or services (“Service”) may contain links to other companies’ websites and services that have privacy policies of their own. EnGIS is not responsible for the privacy practices of others and we recommend you read their privacy notices.


If you do not agree with this Policy, do not use our products and services or provide EnGIS with your personal data.




We collect your personal data and other information when you make a purchase, use or register into our Service. This includes following categories:


      •  Information you provide us with: When you create an account, make a purchase, request services, or otherwise interact with us, we may ask for information such as your name, email address, phone number, street address, user names and passwords, feedback, and information relating to your devices. We also maintain records of your consents, preferences and settings relating to, for example, location data, marketing and sharing of personal data.

      •  Your transactions with us: We maintain records of your purchases, downloads, the content you have provided us with, your requests, the Service provided to you, payment and delivery details, your contacts and communications and other interactions with us. We may, in accordance with applicable law, record your communication with our customer care or with other such contact points.

      •  Use of our Service: When you access our online services, or use a feature that requires online access, our web servers automatically create records of your visit. These records typically include the features used, the content viewed or requested (Place Information), language and other such information.

      •  Positioning and Location data: Location-based services establish location through the use of satellite, mobile, Wi-Fi or other network based positioning methods. These technologies may involve exchanging your location data and unique device and mobile, Wi-Fi or other network related identifiers with EnGIS. We do not use this information to identify you personally without your consent.

      •  Technical information and your transactions: When you use our Service, certain technical information such as the type of your mobile device, unique device or network service provider identifiers, internet protocol address, time zone, technical details of your client as well as your transactions with EnGIS may be automatically collected by EnGIS.



      •  Non-personal use of Location Data or Place Information: We do not associate your Location Data or Place Information with your other personally identifiable information, such as EnGIS account, unless you have asked us to do so. For example, if you save a place as a favorite, we do not combine this information with your Location Data unless you have asked us to do so. We implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to prevent associating your Location Data with other personally identifiable information without your permission.

      •  Information about Service usage: You may participate to improving our services. When you enable ‘Location Consent’ described below, the Location Data, speed, direction and timestamp is sent from your device to EnGIS to detect traffic jams, traffic patterns, changed road conditions and other such conditions so that we can provide you with better service. This information is analysed to distinguish independent routes and traffic patterns and contains an identifier, which is persistent for the duration of the route. This information is sent to us after which it is deleted from your device. We do not use this data to identify you personally or combine this information with your EnGIS account.




EnGIS may process your personal data for the following purposes. One or more purposes may apply simultaneously:

      •  Accounts: Some services may require an account to help you manage your content and preferences.

      •  Providing products and services: The information collected by the Service is used to provide you with our products and services, to process your requests or as otherwise may be necessary to perform the contract between you and EnGIS, to ensure the functionality and security of our products and services, to identify you as well as to prevent and investigate fraud and other misuses.

      • Developing and managing products and services: We may use your personal data to develop and manage our products, services, and customer care. We may also use the information to provide you with more improved search and recommendations to better assist you to find a place you may like.

      • Communicating with you: We may use your personal data to communicate with you, for example to inform you that our services have changed or to send you critical alerts and other such notices relating to our products and/or services and to contact you for customer care related purposes.




The Service offers a variety of choices to allow you to control how your Location Data and other information are collected:

      •  You may use the Service in offline or online mode. No Location Data or other information is sent to EnGIS when the Service is used in offline mode. Note, that your device may nevertheless continue to store and have already stored information which may be sent to EnGIS.

      •  Location Consent: You can choose the level at which you participate in the development of EnGIS products and services. A “Location Consent” screen is available in the “Settings” screen of the Service. You may choose to turn this on and off.

      •  You may also clear your recent searches and destinations from the local storage of the Service. Clearing local storage will also clear already synchronized recent searches in the next synchronization instance. 




Your Location Data will not be shared with other service providers without your permission.


The Service may allow you to share your Location Data or Place Information with a social network or directly with your friends. The Service also includes content from and links to third party sites and services. When you interact with these sites and services, you may provide your current location to them. We recommend you to check your settings and the privacy policies of such social networks or other third parties to understand how they process your information.


We may share your personal data:

      •  with your consent;
      •  with EnGIS companies and authorised third parties, who process personal data on our behalf;
      •  where there is a legal requirement to do so. 




If you have any concerns, you may contact us through our customer care ( or through following contact details:

EnGIS Technologies, Inc.

501~505, FORHU, 58, Wangsimni-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea, 04778

Tel: +82.2.1522.9060
FAX: +82.70.5138.1781